Information For General Practitioners

  • Ultrasounds

    We offer all general ultrasound examinations types including Abdominal, Testes, MSK, Renal, Gynae with exclusion of obstetrics and necks.

  • NHS Contract

    Our service meets all criteria set by the Kernow and NEW Devon NHS Clinical Commissioning Groups.

Wait Times
Average of only 11 days wait from GP referral to examination.
Maximum of only 2 days from examination to reports being available on WebPACS
We are fully regulated by the Care Quality Commission.
Quality Audit
Ultrasound Quality Audits performed monthly by a Consultant Radiologist
Cornwall & Devon Clinics
We are in 19 locations across Cornwall & Devon. For a full list see our Patient Info page.
Choose & Book
Cornwall & Devon Choose & Book appointments (Clinical Diagnostics / Ultrasound)
High GP Satisfaction
We have high GP and patient satisfaction (response from surveys and feedback)
Governance Framework
Clinical Governance Framework – Overseen by a Consultant Radiologist.
If you are unable to book a patient onto Choose & Book please contact the C&B team on 01872 226700 (RMS-Cornwall) or 01626 883888 (DRSS-Devon)

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