You may eat and drink as normal but you will need a full bladder so please drink at least 1 litre (2 pints) of water 1 hour prior to your appointment.


You will be invited to lie down on an examination couch and loosen your clothing to allow the sonographer to scan your abdomen. It is important that you wear loose fitting clothing. The ultrasound probe and gel will then be moved around on your skin, during which time you may be asked to turn from one side onto the other as well as being asked to hold your breath from time to time. The examination will take approximately 15 minutes after which time the gel will be wiped off and you will be free to get dressed and go. There are no side-effects and you will be able to eat and drink normally after the examination.

It may be necessary to undertake a transvaginal examination but only where we feel this is required and only where you give your consent. A transvaginal scan gives much more detail and information. The examination involves inserting a small probe into the vagina and gently moving it around so that the uterus and ovaries can be seen. This type of scan can be carried out any time during the menstrual cycle but is not suitable for anyone who has not had intercourse.

If you have any additional questions the sonographer who does your examination will be only too pleased to answer them.

Please contact our office on 01872 555755 if you would like to request a female sonographer for this scan.